We currently have over 25 cats in our care who are looking to find permanent loving homes where there are no other cats.


They need to live their lives as the only felines. I have written many articles about this topic and how we end up with such loving cats who are so sweet but are not comfortable around other cats. We like to make sure we are placing these cats in the right environment based on what they show is best for them.

I am going to highlight a few of these single ladies and bachelors, you might just meet your purrfect match!

Lincoln (main picture)  is an all black affectionate love bug who has waited months to find his forever home. Lincoln came to us as a stray but it was discovered that he was microchipped but his owner no longer wanted him after adopting him from another unknown location years ago. This poor boy was abandoned and left on the streets where he contracted FIV( Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) Since Lincoln is  FIV+  he must go to a home where there are no other cats or only cats that are also FIV+. He  must be kept indoors( like all cats) so he won’t get sick or spread the disease to other cats. FIV can not be passed on to humans or other animals. Lincoln has so much personality and he truly cannot wait to find his forever people who can show him that not everyone will give up on him , every cat deserves the chance to find love and security with a loving family. For more information on on him CLICK HERE.

Sweet Pea below, is accurately named , she adores chin rubs and any sort of petting. She is quick to start her purring and happy paws as she waits for some love. She adores catnip and will flop over her bed with her toys , she is quite funny to watch! Sweet Pea is another loving lady looking to be the queen of the castle. Her adorable face and quirky personality will make you fall in love! For more information CLICK HERE.

sweet pea

Hallie below, is another girl who has spent quite sometime with us , she is a quiet girl who likes to keep to herself but once you approach her she is quick to jump up for some pets and snuggles. Hallie has been waiting since October and cannot wait to find a comfy couch and lap to lounge on. She loves to sleep in her big bed or chirp for her treats. She is a gorgeous girl who cannot wait to meet her family! For more information CLICK HERE.hallie


Denim below, is another cat that came into our care a few months ago but was recently out up for adoption after she had to have life saving surgery after being possibly struck by a car. This little warrior is ready to find a permanent home that will keep her safe. Denim has a kitten like personality and loves to zip around now that she is fully recovered. Like many others Denim is very unsure and scared of her kitty friends and will need to be the only cat.  We are still looking for donations to go towards Denims vet bill which was over $2000, we need to keep up our efforts to keep savings cats like Denim and we cannot do it without the help of our community. For more information CLICK HERE.


These cute faces are just a few out of the group of fabulous kitties who are looking for a special place all to themselves.  For more information on how you can donate or check out the cats for adoption visit our website www.nfhs.ca for pictures and profiles.

By Alexis Bennett 

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