Happy Valentine’s Day!  A day of love and romance, or is it?  The fact is some of us look forward to February 14  and others, well, let’s just say the word dread may come to mind.


High Hopes for Many

Which ever end of the spectrum you find yourself, it seems that society has set the bar high for folks. According to one online survey of more than 2,000 respondents, more than 65% plan to show affection on Valentine’s Day, almost 85% believe that having sex is an important part of the holiday, and more than 60% say they will be disappointed if they don’t have sex that day.

With expectations like these, it’s easy to set ourselves up for disappointment. Fortunately, it’s possible to enjoy the day — and night — without creating hurt feelings or breaking the bank. So here are some suggestions from the experts that may help you enjoy the day without undue pressure or spending.

1. Make a Plan

Having a conversation about Valentine’s Day ahead of time can make the actual day much more romantic in anticipation.  Add a dash of surprise by considering doing something extra that your partner has told you in the past they wanted to do. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be special, but something thoughtful goes a long way.

2. Get Spicey

According to that online survey, 55% of the participants indicated that they were willing to try something new sexually on Valentine’s Day. Of course, what that means for you and your partner depends on your particular relationship. Another tip if this is part of today’s plan? Try having sex before you go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, says a sex therapist.  Lots of couples go out to dinner and drink to celebrate after which it is less likely that any sex — much less hot sex — will follow.

3. Consider Alternatives

If sex isn’t in the cards , it doesn’t mean you still can’t have some fun. Experts say  There are so many nerve endings in the lips that are connected to the limbic system and can help create the perfect foreplay for future intimacy encounters, so a good makeout session that only leads to kissing can leave partners wanting more, creating more intensity for future intimate activities.

4. OK But What If I’m Single?

The advice here is to just be cool and love yourself and don’t get too wrapped up in the hype. If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can seem like a holiday for everyone else. But you don’t have to feel left out if you’re not in a romantic relationship. Instead, take the opportunity to practice a little self-love.
That could mean indulging in a massage, dining out with friends or even seeking out companionship.

BOTTOM LINE: Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or ignore it, remember that expressing love and affection for your partner shouldn’t be limited to just 1 day a year, why not try to spread the love all year around.  If you are looking for romantic suggestions locally, check out the link HERE.

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