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A record-breaking $106 million in prize money is up for grabs in Friday’s Lotto Max jackpot draw.  According to the OLG, the jackpot is an estimated $60 million, plus 46 additional Maxmillions $1 million dollar prizes.

If you plan on buying a ticket, you have until 10:30 p.m. to get in on the action.

Fun Facts:

Before this Friday’s draw, the largest total prize pool offered was $102 million, including a $60 million jackpot and 42 MAXMILLIONS for draws in August 2016 and January 2017.

A whopping $60 million jackpot has been offered 23 times, totaling over $1.3 billion in prizing. A $60 million jackpot has been won 12 times, with 14 winning tickets in total.

The last $60 million jackpot was won on February 23, 2018 in Newfoundland.

Ontarians have had the luck of the draw, winning the $60 million jackpot five times.

Ontario players started off on the right foot! The winning ticket for the first ever LOTTO MAX $60 million jackpot offered in September 2015 was sold in Brampton, Ontario.

Ontarians continued to win with a December 25, 2015 jackpot, and finally three more $60 million jackpots in 2016.

A LOTTO MAX jackpot has been won in Ontario 57 times – that’s like winning a jackpot every week for a year!

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