Does the latest water meter report you received from the City of St. Catharines seem a little off?

Due to a printing error some City Water Meter Cards were mailed with outdated information.  As a result, the City still requires your five-digit reading from your water meter to be submitted by July 1.


All you need is your meter reading, as well as your account and meter number, both of which can be found on your water/wastewater bill or meter card.

Meter readings will continue to be accepted by phone, fax, mail and in person at City Hall.

You can also submit your water meter reading online at

Call Citizens First at 905.688.5600 for more information.

How Do I read my Water Meter?

If the water meter has 5 digits and a tenths digit (the number in black), include the tenths in your submission. Based on the example below, the reading to enter would be 037200.


If the meter shows more than 1 digit after the decimal, include only the first digit (the tenths) to the right of the decimal. In the example below, the reading to enter would be 003149.


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