(Main picture is Bonnie, an extremely affection girl who is up for adoption now at the Niagara Falls Humane Society).  With summer in full swing here at the shelter we always have many cats waiting for permanent loving homes.


We have a special group who will need to be the only cat in their new forever home or maybe good with one other cat. These cats have been given the chance to socialize but much prefer not to have any other friends around and that’s okay! They are all very loving and are patiently waiting for someone special to fall in love with them.

A special $25 adoption fee applies for the month of July with our standard adoption procedure still in effect as well. I have personally spent time with each cat that I will be sharing with you and they are truly eager and full of love waiting for their person to come along. They shower me with as much love as possible while I am at work so I can only imagine the love and joy they would bring a family who is able to give them even more attention and love, they have so much personality each one with their own quirks. If you currently have no cats or have 1 other, I encourage you to take a look at this group- not all will be featured here, please visit our website for more information on this group and others www.nfhs.ca

Bonnie has been with us the longest and is one of the sweetest cats I have met so far, she craves attention even going as far as to pull your hand closer to you if she isn’t ready for you to stop. Her favorite spot in her pillow/bed to stretch and relax .She goes crazy for her catnip and enjoys her scratch pads. This sweetheart has been in our care for over a year after being surrendered due to no fault of her own. She is a staff favorite but she has waited long enough and cannot wait to meet her family.

Gertrude is a gorgeous girl who is very loyal and loves to give cuddles. Gertrude is pictured below:


She will chirp at you and is always up for head-butting and giving face kisses. She does get startled so when she first meets you she will be shy but from experience, she just needs to be reassured and she will be quick to trust after a calm introduction. She is very affectionate and has the cutest purr.

Trista is a quiet girl who is often napping in her bed, she will chirp to you when you open her cage inviting you to give her some pets, she is very gentle and dainty and enjoys chin rubs.  Trista (below), loves to roll around for belly rubs but likes to get to know you a bit first before giving you kisses and head-butting for more attention.


Ross is a handsome fluffy boy who has a comical personality, he loves to explore and flop randomly so you give him pets. Ross is pictured below.


He likes his space but will welcome lots of attention if he is comfortable. He likes being brushed which is beneficial as he has a plushy black coat. Ross loves batting around his toys and sunbathing in the window. He is very charming and has an adorable meow, this cute puff ball is more than ready to be a part of a forever family.

Along with having many kitties for adoption we have many other animals in our care we could use some help replenishing our stock of food and supplies the shelter is currently in need of:

Non Coloured Dry Kitten Food

Kitten Canned Food

Non Coloured Dry Adult Cat Food

Canned Cat food of any kind

Tuna/Sardines (in water please)

Kitten Milk Replacement

Cat toys /Cat Nip

New or gently used cat towers/scratching posts

Large Kongs

Aspen Shavings

Fresh Vegetables suitable for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated, donations can be dropped off at the main shelter located at 6025 Chippawa Parkway during hours of operation Monday to Saturday 10 am to 4:30 pm.

This week’s column written by Alexis Bennett.

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