Lisa Thompson, Ontario’s education minister says that no firm changes have been made yet to the  supposedly “modernized” sex-ed curriculum that kids are supposed to be getting come this fall in the school system.


A week after Thompson said that Ontario teachers would rely on a 20-year-old version of the sex-ed curriculum, the education minister now has back stepped and says that students in Ontario will still be taught about concepts like consent, cyber safety and gender identity this fall

Said Thompson Monday, “We have made no decisions on what the new curriculum will look like. The final decision on the scope of the new curriculum will be based on what we hear from Ontario parents.


While these consultations occur, we are reverting to the full health and physical education curriculum that was last taught in 2014. This curriculum leaves ample space to discuss current social issues.”

Premier Doug Ford  had repeatedly promised to repeal and replace the sex-ed curriculum during his run for the Tory leadership earlier this year and during the spring election, saying parents had not been adequately consulted.

Critics of this approach consider the 1998 curriculum outdated in the modern world.

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