The Costco shopping experience may become a thing of the past for some with an announcement by the wholesaler this week that grocery delivery service is starting up in Southern Ontario.


Costco is responding to competition in the market for your grocery bucks and is trying to get some of the online shopping market increasingly dominated by companies like Amazon, Loblaws and Walmart.

In the start up phase of Costo’s program, only non-perishable goods will be available through the service, which comes with a guarantee of delivery within two days and no delivery surcharge for orders over $75.

The online ordering service via will be available only to customers in southern Ontario, with plans to expand to the rest of Ontario and Quebec and other markets in the future.  You must be a member to take advantage of the new program as well. So far, the service is only available in parts of southern Ontario including Toronto, Oshawa and Barrie

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