Main picture is Fred, a Red Tick Coonhound looking for a new home. He is crate trained and knows his basic commands. For more information click the link HERE.


What are you doing to enhance your life? Who are you becoming? What does the person in the mirror say about you – you know, the one who is staring right back into your eyes, into your soul, when you brush your teeth in the morning. The person who stares back at you as you get ready for bed. Can you even look them in the eyes – and if you can’t, have you asked yourself why?

I ask deep questions. I want the best for you, and for everyone. Diving deep into yourself isn’t easy, but it’s necessary to live life fully. It’s a simple concept, yet it’s a very difficult journey to take. Often, we let fear freeze us. When we are frozen, we aren’t gaining ground – and if you aren’t gaining ground, then you are losing ground with each consecutive day. It’s not a case of being stuck in place – the reality is that you are falling behind with each passing day. If you aren’t moving forward, you are falling behind. There is no middle ground. There are only two options…

Johnny, below,  would love a new home.  He is a 4.5 year old Husky Mix.  For more information, click the link HERE.


What are you doing right now to move that ball forward. The only moment in life is right now. Literally, right now. Everything else is either the future or the past and fear freezes us in the future or the past. Fear of the unknown – those brutal “what if” questions. Fear of the past – from emotional wounds and scars life gives us. Fear freezes us. What are you going to do to fight fear?

Below, lovely Bernadette is an Australian Shepherd Mix who is house trained and  would make a great companion.  For more information click HERE.


We cannot let fear dictate our lives because one day we will look back with deep regrets. Regrets of a life unlived. Regrets when we can no longer tell someone that we forgive them for the hurts they caused us because they have suddenly passed away and our chance to have that conversation is gone forever. Regrets over not fixing ourselves when we had the chance, and now that relationship is over and there is no turning back. Regrets breed fear, and this freezes us. If we learn to face fear head on and do it anyway, we build courage in ourselves. The ball starts to roll forward inch by inch, and then one day we look back and realize we’ve pushed that forward a mile. It takes consistency every single day. Not every Tuesday and then you skip a few days. Every single day.

Below, handsome Daniel is 4 years old.  For more information about adopting him click the link HERE. 


One way we get out of our comfort zones is by connecting with animals at the Shelter, volunteering for our dog walking program, signing up for one of our overnight sleepovers with the animals, or by helping us advocate online for animal welfare. Step out of your comfort zone. I guarantee you it will be scary at first, but once you gain some confidence, you will thrive. I believe in you. I know you have it in you. Let’s work together.

Below, 7 year old Ebenezer is a lovely grey and white boy!  For more information click the link HERE.  A special $50 adoption fee applies.


Utah her sister Tessie came all the way from Russia. Talk about bravery! They came from poor conditions in an area near Moscow. Everyone here at the Shelter loves them. They have both just been adopted, but there are so many others just waiting for someone to step up for them!

Tessie utah


To view all animals up for adoption at the Niagara Falls Humane Society, please visit their website:

This week’s column written by Chris Dalton.

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