The fall season is around the corner and it is a popular time to remodel in the home.  A new kitchen can have one of the biggest impacts, so with that in mind we are going to focus on some of the top trends now and how to get them.


Every kitchen is unique — from the style of the fixtures in the space to the finishing touches that make this essential room of the house a place that you love spending time in.

While each home owner may have their own vision for the perfect kitchen, there are a few general styles that have stood the test of time over the decades. Featuring everything from classic elements to modern, cutting-edge technology, here are some things to consider when it’s time to take the plunge into kitchen remodeling.


As the heart of your family’s home, the kitchen is the perfect place to explore added a rustic touch and comfortable, inviting elements that create the ideal space for gathering with family and friends.
If you are considering updating your kitchen with this style, there are few key areas that you’ll want to focus on to bring your vision to life:

Kitchen Sinks: When you think “farmhouse kitchen”, the sink is one of the first features that come to mind. This kitchen style typically includes a large, deep, basin sink crafted from heavy-duty materials. The apron-fronts and solid construction of these sinks are both extremely practical and guaranteed to be an eye-catching statement piece in your home.


Shelving: Shelving and storage are key features in any kitchen. To get more out of your storage space while adding to the homey feel of the room, consider removing the doors of a few of your cabinets to create open shelving and an airy environment.

Oversized Features: When designing a farmhouse kitchen, this is the time to think big when it comes to the main features of the space! From oversized islands to large, wooden tables and rustic fireplaces, these larger-than-life features can make any room feel luxurious, rustic, and welcoming.


There are some key differences that make a traditional kitchen stand-apart as a popular design for any remodel. With a traditional kitchen, the details are what make the space come to life, and here you will find beautiful features and timeless elements that include:

Architectural Details: Sweeping arches, moldings and corbels, and raised-panel cabinets are all found in traditional kitchens — giving the space an elegant feeling that is still warm, comfortable, and inviting.


Classic Stains: Unlike modern kitchens, distressed and aged stains are the go-to choice for traditional kitchens. When combined with furniture-style cabinets and the classic, neutral color palette of the space, this vintage touch is guaranteed to make a big impact.

Lighting: Lighting is important in any kitchen, and traditional kitchen remodels are the perfect time to splurge on classic and stunning fixtures, including chandeliers, lantern-style lighting, and mood-enhancing recessed track lighting.

Natural Flooring: When it comes to traditional flooring in the kitchen, you’ll want to avoid the look of laminate. Instead, go for the timeless appeal of solid hardwood floors, natural stone, or beautiful tile to put the perfect finishing touch on your space.


Modern kitchens are sleek with minimal fuss, often incorporate industrial elements and overall will give a clean look. The key features that you’ll want to focus on when creating your perfect modern kitchen include:

Cabinets: Called by many names, including overlay, Euro frameless, and full overlay, frameless cabinets are the perfect addition to a modern space. With this style, the cabinet door overlays the box of the cabinet to create a sleek, consistent look that plays off the other striking features in your kitchen design.


Small Details: With a modern kitchen, the phrase “less is more” has never been truer! Instead of over designing your remodel, focus on simple, clean accessories and an overall lack of ornamentation. Integrated hardware, glass backsplashes, industrial elements, and solid counters are all smart choices for a modern space.

Also a consideration is the implementation of modern appliances.  Black stainless steel and regular stainless steel are great complements to the modern look.


The kitchen is the heart of your home and although you may know what you want, it may be a challenge in figuring out how to get it.  Locally, a new online kitchen renovation company has opened its doors to folks who are looking for a top notch remodel at discounted prices.  

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