It’s hard to believe how fast 2 years can fly by, but that is just how long it has been since George’s Greek Village Restaurant in St. Catharines has been in business!


This past weekend was a time for reflection and celebration for owner George Kountourogiannis, who took a chance that paid off big time when he decided to purchase and revamp the old Frado’s Steakhouse by the Welland Canal and convert it into the modern greek dining establishment it is today.

The building went through a huge renovation process initially that took over a year, but the final result was well worth it with its spectacular woodwork features, amazing views and modern facilities.

Below, inside the dining room at George’s today.  Diners enjoy the cozy atmosphere on anniversary night, Friday Oct. 6th 2018…

2 couples georges

Cheers to 2 years and Happy Anniversary to George’s Greek Village Restaurant!

cheers to georges


2 ladies georges

The view down one side of the dining room that winds into 4 distinct sections that form the main part of the restaurant, in addition to the banquet facilities in the back and the outdoor dining space…


Enjoying an appetizer of George’s delicious greek salad before the main course arrives…

greek salad family

Getting ready to dig into the special feature of the anniversary weekend, the ever popular Lamb Shank dinner!

bright couple

George’s Greek Village is an amazing place for families to dine and have fun!

georges family 1

The back area of the restaurant, which doubles as a dining and banquet area also features priceless views of the Welland Canal with its large picturesque windows…


And lets not forget about that view from the patio!  This has been a huge draw for locals and tourists alike as they sit outside and watch the boats pass by.

Below, an autumn view from the patio with the Welland Canal and St. Catharines Skyway forming the backdrop…


George’s Greek Village has truly become the Garden City’s recipe for success through the years not only because of the dining facilities and location, but because of the incredible people that make it happen and the food that keeps you coming back for more.

Kountourogiannis himself is so passionate about his restaurant that he never takes a sideline to the workings of the day to day business, often spending 15 hours a day in the kitchen,  perfecting his delicious dishes before they hit the floor.  George’s passion for the business and his ability to embrace hard work is infectious but it has definitely been the wind behind the sails of the unprecedented success that the restaurant has seen since opening.  Says Kountourogiannis, “what used to be a line up at the door on the weekends is now one every night!”

Below, happy customers line up at the door waiting to be seated in the restaurant…

door lineup

Below, George Kountourogiannis and his staff working hard this past weekend in the state of the art kitchen of the restaurant…

kitchen staff


george and co

Below, some front of the house staff take a moment to pose for the camera…

3 waitresses georges


service with a smile


orders from sis

A Variety of Dishes Has Continued to Flow Through the Kitchen at George’s Greek Village Restaurant 

“Another big part of the success we have seen I believe is because we not only create traditional favourites that our customers love week after week prepared with the freshest ingredients, but the fact that I am constantly trying to develop new and interesting twists on our traditional greek fare”, says George.

Below Lamb Lollipops and Lamb Shank dinner.  Two of the mouthwatering feature creations George  has has come up with that keep customers coming back for more.


Lamb Shank Dinner

lamb lollipops 960

Lamb Lollipops

A Winning Combination

Says George, “we have always believed in “good food, good portions, good service at a good price” at the restaurant.  I take care of the food aspect and it is my right hand woman Daniela who is in charge of the front of the house and makes sure everything runs smoothly for our customer’s dining experience”.

Below, Daniela in the main dining room, not only ensures excellent service for the daily customers but helps coordinate all the many banquets, functions and many promotional aspects of George’s to the tourist industry which she says has “completely exploded over the top this past year with its popularity.”


Reviewing the past two years of the restaurant’s progression  from its opening day to now becoming the go-to greek food destination in the entire Niagara Region, George says he is thankful for the massive support from the local community as well as the tourist industry and can’t wait for what the future holds.

About Georges Greek Village Restaurant

restaurant exterior

Owner and namesake George Kountourogiannis worked for many years in the Kountourogiannis family restaurant business before opening doors to George’s Greek Village Restaurant in 2016.

Located in St. Catharines, Ontario on the Welland Canal, Georges Greek Village is a family friendly restaurant that features authentic greek cuisine, regular weekly specials, take-out, banquet facilities and is able to accommodate all other special occasions.

Ample parking make George’s a must visit for bus tours and tourist groups alike.

During summer season, the patio can hold up to 40 people and features regular passing of the ships through the Welland Canal.

Georges Greek Village:

535 Queenston Street,

St. Catharines, ON


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