Main picture is 1.5 year old Amos.  He is a Lab Mix currently looking for a new home at the Niagara Falls Humane Society.  For more information please go HERE.


Recently, I stumbled upon a new story that I had never heard before and it’s going to stick with me for quite a long time. It’s so simple, yet so profound. We all get these analogies in our everyday lives, however I am led to believe that few of us write these stories down or tell them to another, and thus they are forever forgotten. I encourage you to remember these little pieces of the puzzle. When you find them, share them and help create a fuller picture of the beauties life provides to us every day. You just never know how profound your new story may impact another – as this story has impacted me…

Let the water run. What does this mean? Well, let me tell you. Every year, this family goes up to their cottage. It’s up north, far away from the nearest big city. Small towns are scattered along the way on their hours long drive up to this cabin. The trees are lush and create dense forests over the landscape. Beautiful, right? This cottage is right on the water of a lake. The family gets their water from a nearby ground well that has fresh water from deep in the earth. You know that water that just tastes fresher than water you get in a bottle. There is something different about it.

Well, the mom goes to use the tap at the kitchen sink. Because it’s the first time of the season that they have come to the cottage, what do you think happens? Brown, filthy water comes sputtering out of the tap. The mom calls to her husband totally grossed out by this discoloured and disgusting water. He reminds her that she has to let the water run. When the water runs, the impurities wash out. Everything, all of the dirt and sediment that has been in the pipes over the long winter months has accumulated and needs time to push out of the pipelines. Sure enough, after a few moments clear, clean, fresh water starts to pour into the sink. It’s refreshing and cold.

Below, Ms. Walker  and Fred are two great hounds still looking for homes.  Please consider these dogs if you are looking for a new companion.  If you are interested in Fred please click HERE and Ms Walker HERE.  A special adoption fee applies .


Ms. Walker



Below, 1.5 year old Dwight is described as being a loving and timid cat.  For more information please click HERE.



Below, beautiful Arcadia is up for adoption and waiting at the Seaway Mall Adoption Centre.  For more information on her please click HERE.



So, what does all of this mean and why am I telling you about dirty water coming out of a tap in someone’s cottage hundreds of kilometers from here, in a dense forest? So many people today give up at the slightest pressure. Something doesn’t go their way so it must be a complete and utter failure. A waste of time and a misuse of all resources. No, that’s not the case. Not by any stretch. Life can get quite ugly and unbearable. It can resemble that brown water that sputters out of the tap, sprinkling soot and dirt onto the countertop. It can make quite the mess that we have to clean up. As the story goes, what comes after the dirty water? Pure, clean, sparkling, cold water. Refreshing water that tastes different that that store-bought water that comes in the 24 case. Are you understanding the parallels that this story draws?

This story also takes place deep in a forest, not dissimilar to the deep recesses of the soul where we do our deepest soul searching. Nature has an interesting way of bringing to life our feelings and emotions through storytelling. Nature seems to bring out the natural heart of man. If you have spent any period of time in nature, you know exactly what I mean.

I do a lot of reading and reflecting in my own time, and recently have stumbled across another profound thought. I want to challenge everyone this week. What are you putting up with? If you don’t know, consult your resentment. The answer to this is where your resentment burrows. What are you putting up with?

It’s time to reframe your life and see it through a clearer lens. More often than not, I find that feelings of worthlessness is a default condition in our hearts and minds. Like that terrible water when the tap is first turned on. What is the cost of not doing something? Stagnation. Routine. Quite literarily, Groundhog Day repeated on a never-ending hamster wheel. Who wants to live like that? Most of us do, and that’s a hard thing to admit.

What you aim at determines what you see. Like an archer trying to hit the hit the center of that target many yards down the range, we are archers of our lives. What are you aiming at? I want to hear your answers. Email me through the Niagara Falls Humane Society website.

This week’s column written by Christopher Dalton

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