On Friday, November 30, police say they responded to a call at the Pen Centre in St.Catharines for a report of a male that was allegedly operating his vehicle while impaired on mall property and assaulting Security personnel.


When police arrived the accused was located in the custody of security personnel within the mall. Based on information provided by security personnel and civilian witnesses, 38 year old Dustin Picov of Fort Erie was charged with assault, uttering threats, assault with intent to resist arrest, causing a disturbance, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and failing to leave private property when directed.

During this incident, a security guard sustained minor injuries as a result of their attempts to arrest the accused. The accused was medically assessed as a precautionary measure prior to being transported to Niagara Regional Police Headquarters where he was held pending a bail hearing. During the course of the investigation, Police reviewed CCTV footage from the Pen Centre at which time it was determined that security personnel acted within their legal authority and did not exercise excessive force.

During the course of the investigation, it was learned that there were witnesses in the mall that possibly recorded the interaction between Picov and Security personnel. If a member of the public wishes to provide Police with footage of this incident, they are asked to contact Constable Chris Morin at 905-688-4111 Ext 3 9671

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