(Pictured is Mya, up for adoption now.  More details about her below)


Have you, or someone you know, been putting off discussing wills and power of attorney because it didn’t directly benefit shelter animals? Well wait no more. Have your wills and powers of attorney done by a lawyer who is a great friend to the shelter, and the fees will be donated to the shelter. But only for the month of March, so book now!

Brandon Boone, a lifelong resident of the Niagara Region, former vice-president of the Niagara Falls Humane Society and senior partner at the law firm Daniel & Partners LLP in St. Catharines, will be donating his time to the Humane Society again this spring, running his annual will campaign for charity during the month of March. The Humane Society will offer Brandon’s time to interested individuals and couples at a reduced rate. A basic will, continuing power of attorney for property and power of attorney for personal care will cost an individual $550.00 and a couple $750.00, a $50.00 savings, with no disbursements or HST, and all cheques made payable to the Humane Society. If you are interested, please contact Brandon’s assistant, Korinne, at 905-688-1125 extension 3272 or marchk@niagaralaw.ca.

Pictured above is beautiful Mya, who immigrated recently from Russia. She actually came here with two of her children, Goji and Nika. Her rescuers describe her as a charming beauty. She was found on a construction site, and the workers reported that she had always been there, so it is assumed she was born on the street. The first time Mya was taken to a vet, she was terrified and hid under a table. Not even cheese, her favourite treat, would lure her out. The doctor said it is likely she had been beaten as she is afraid of quick movement and loud voices. At first an unknown environment left her paralyzed with fear. Over time, she got used to a warm bed, good food and regular walks on a leash. The rescue volunteers report that she is a bright girl, is quick to learn and has a peaceful temperament once she feels safe. She loves to spend time with her humans and was reported to be highly communicative and responsive.

Being in a kennel at the shelter is really hard for Mya, because she is super protective of her space, so she can appear to be aggressive. We have discovered that being around children is stressful for her so we are recommending an adult forever home. When you get to know Mya she is a sweetie pie. She will give kisses, and will climb into your lap for cuddles. Mya’s coat is exceptionally beautiful with her soft curly hair. She’s a very special young lady.

If you’ve encountered difficulties with our website www.nfhs.ca recently, it’s because it’s under construction. It will be functioning fully any day now. To see lots of adoptable animals, go to the Welland shelter’s website at www.wellandspca.com.

Don’t forget to save the date for this year’s gala! It is November 2, stay tuned for details. It’s going to be fantastic!

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