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On Monday we celebrated Family Literacy Day by offering a very meaningful program at our Seaway Mall Adoption Centre. We had parents and kids visit the centre, and the kids were welcome to read to a cat, even sitting inside the cages if they wanted to. All the kids were given a copy of “Kitty Love”, and a stuffed animal (both were kindly donated) to take home with them.

Being at the mall made me miss our Cat Adoption Centre at Niagara Square, but it also made me feel so grateful that we still have a community cat centre for people to visit. You really must see it if you haven’t yet.

The centre is run by over 70 volunteers. The teams of volunteers are committed to the animals and to making the centre as open and responsive as possible. It’s a lovely place, full of furry cutie pies, and wonderful humans. We’re always looking for volunteers, contact me if you’re interested.

I was really struck, once again, at how much animals teach the humans in their world. The kids spoke in soft voices, their touch was gentle, their caring evident. In return the cats were calm and affectionate, welcoming the children into their space, and rewarding them with purrs and kitty -kisses.

Speaking of cats, please be aware of outdoor cats seeking warmth under vehicle hoods these cold days. When a vehicle motor is started, the cat can be injured or killed by the fan belt. Make a point of knocking on the hood or sounding the horn before starting the engine. This will warn away any cats who may be hiding in your vehicle.

Below, Bandit’s fees for adoption have been waived .  For more informaton please visit the link HERE.


National Cupcake Day, February 24, is the sweetest day of the year and we’re challenging everyone who cares about animals to get involved. To participate, register for free at nationalcupcakeday.ca and start planning a party on a date that’s convenient for you. Plan your Cupcake Day for home, work, school, or online-call me for ideas!

The kennel renovations are almost done at the Welland shelter and they look beautiful. The dogs will be returning on Monday, do come and visit!

Trivia Night is coming up soon, on Sat. Feb. 15. There will be trivia, food, prizes, draws, live music and a cash bar. Tickets are $25 a person, with 8 people per team. Tickets are available at the Welland or Niagara Falls shelters, or you can call 905-735-1552 x 200, or register at www.wellandspca.com.

Please consider WALKER if you are looking for a great animal and people friendly new dog!!


For more information go HERE.

Cathy Fugler

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