Niagara-on-the-Lake has announced a new system and fines for individuals and businesses not following the Provincial Emergency Orders to ensure public safety during the COVID-19 health crisis that includes fines for rule violators.


The town has now set up a number and online resource for residents to  report a business or individual(s) that they believe are violating the Emergency Order.  Additionally the by-law Enforcement Officers  have been now authorized to respond and enforce penalties upon violators, according to a statement from the Town.


What Does this Mean for the Community?

Effective immediately, community members looking to report issues, are asked to not contact 911 but instead contact Niagara-on-the-Lake By-law Enforcement by email: (, phone (905-468-3266), or use an online complaint form.  Additionally during after hours, residents are asked to call the NRP @ 905-688-4111.

To date, the Province has issued 15 Emergency Orders, and all of them are enforceable by NOTL by-law officers.

Three (3) noteworthy Emergency Orders, enforceable by Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Municipal By-law Enforcement Officers, include:
• Closure of Public Places & Establishments
• Prohibiting Events & Gatherings of More than Five (5) People
• Prohibiting Unfair Pricing on Necessary Goods

Offences and set fines available to enforcement personnel include:
• Fail to comply with an emergency order $750.00
• Obstruct any person exercising a power in $1,000.00
accordance with an Order made during a
declared emergency
• Obstruct any person performing a duty in $1,000.00
accordance with an Order made during a
declared emergency

For more information, please visit the N-O-T-L website HERE

For full updates from the Federal Government on COVID-19, visit the website HERE

Photo: Town of N-O-T-L facebook page

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