Minnesota-based medical face mask manufacturer 3M, has made a deal with the White House and Canada will get the N95 masks needed for the COVID-19 health crisis.


Its reported that 3M will still be able to provide all of the N95 supplies the US market needs without sacrificing the supply here.

This is welcome news for Canada as President Donald Trump and his administration ordered 3M’s prioritization of America’s needs first at the expense of Canada and Latin America orders.  The Trump White House invoked the Defense Production Act to compel U.S. manufacturers of equipment, such as 3M and Honeywell, to prioritize orders being coordinated by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency.


How Did the Deal Happen?

3M and the U.S. government “worked together to ensure that the plan does not create further humanitarian implications for countries currently fighting the COVID-19 outbreak,” the company said in a statement, adding: “The plan will also enable 3M to continue sending U.S.-produced respirators to Canada and Latin America, where 3M is the primary source of supply.”

During a recent briefing, Trump said his issues with the company was at an end and sang the praises of Mike Roman, the company’s chief executive, as he announced that 3M would be producing 166.5 million masks for under-supplied health care professionals across the U.S.

He didn’t mention, however, that those N95 masks would be coming from the company’s manufacturing facilities in China, which is how 3M said it will meet at least some of the ever-increasing American demand while still filling orders both north and south of the U.S.

“We’ll continue to do all we can to protect our heroic healthcare workers and first responders,” 3M chairman and CEO Mike Roman said in a statement.

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