Beaches in St. Catharines will officially reopen tomorrow, Friday June 26th!


Currently the beaches were only open for walking but starting Friday, Lakeside Park and Sunset beaches, will be active again and the washrooms open.

One word of caution, before hitting the beach however is that officials say you should still check the water testing results before taking a dip.  These will be available as well tomorrow and can be found HERE.


After a series of public complaints about boats and water skis getting too close to swimmers, the city is launching a safe swimming initiative that includes the installation of white buoys at Lakeside Park and Sunset beaches where the depth of the water is approximately 1.5 metres.

These will let boaters know clearly that they’re not permitted beyond the buoy location and help in protecting swimmers along the shore.

In other water news, the City says it is shooting for splash pads to be open again for July 1.


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