The Better Business Bureau says to beware of work at home scams that are circulating widely now with vulnerable Canadians who are desperate to make some money during the pandemic.


The Bureau said that scammers used job boards or fake websites to create phony positions like: a secret shopper, a warehouse redistribution coordinator, a COVID-19 inspector, a customer service representative and a human resources assistant.

In these scams, victims were told to pay in advance for training or were sent cheques to redirect through their own accounts which would later bounce.

Scammers also pretended to be with large companies (like Amazon or Walmart) that needed help redirecting packages due to a surge in online shopping.

The Bureau says to watch out if  it seems like you’re getting a job offer very quickly with a short interview, or no interview at all and you’re being sent money by cheque or Bitcoin.


-Scam calls and texts are happening again that may involve scammers pretending to be from the CRA and saying that you owe back taxes or have been involved in other money offenses that result in you having to send money immediately. The Canada Revenue Agency and the RCMP do not call people and use threatening language. The government also does not send assistance payments using texts.

-An increase in extortion of SIN information & ID fraud in general

-Increase in scams of non-deliveries of items including that police are  warning that a puppy scam remains a problem. People searching for pets online during the pandemic are told they must pay in advance for a puppy as well as shipping costs and then the puppy never shows up.

For a complete view of the current scams you need to be aware of or to report a scam please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Website.

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