A Covid-19 colour coded alert system introduced by the Ford government yesterday could put more restrictions on the Niagara community by Friday.


The colour-coding method will replace the Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 system we’ve used so far.

How does Ontario’s new colour-coded system work?

Ontario’s new system breaks the public health regions down into different colours, depending on their positivity rates per 100,000 people.

The different colours — grey, red, orange, yellow, and green — all imply different measures that are currently being taken. Grey means that the maximum amount of restrictions able to be taken will be, with green indicating lowest amount.

This new tool will help increase transparency for Ontarians and aid in making safe decisions.

“You deserve to have access to the same information that we have, and that’s why our government is enhancing online data and data visualization,” said Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy on Tuesday.

Niagara was initially placed in the green zone — the safest of five zones with the least restrictions, when the new system comes into effect Friday after a data review by the provincial government, Niagara may move into the yellow “protect” zone, or the orange “restrict” level. See graph below.



If Niagara is moved into the yellow zone, little will change but it is dependant on how the numbers line up through this week.

See the current COVID-19 statistics in the region HERE.

See the government updates on COVID-19 HERE.

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