The incredible Seasky International Light Show that was set to start in Niagara Falls this week made a hard but necessary decision to temporarily postpone its grand opening with new COVID concerns and the safety of the community in mind.


Although an outdoor event located on 3.2 hectares of land, the current Orange Zone designation for the Niagara Region is now anticipated to move into a Red Zone which had organizers realize it was not feasible to go on with the show at this time.

A difficult choice considering the enormous investment of money and time that was made to not only bring the world travelled event to town, but also ensure that it met all safety protocols.

Regardless, the Seasky team felt was worth it to delay things for now so that everyone could anticipate a grand event when the timing is right.

Below, scenes from the show now landed in Niagara Falls, ON although currently closed to the public.


“This was an extremely difficult decision to postpone an occasion that was set to bring so much joy and entertainment to everyone at this time of year said Joyce Morocco, Consultant for Seasky. “Our team has been following guidance from the relevant government agencies and cautiously preparing for our wonderful show, however, recent feedback from health authorities indicate we must now accept the reality of a suspended opening and know it is the right decision. We want to thank the thousands of people who purchased tickets in advance and let them know they will receive a full refund and we hope to see them very soon as we now shift focus to our new dates.”


The delay has not dampened the spirits of the team on site who have been periodically lighting up the night with the spectacular LED installations for passerby’s  on the road so that they can get a taste of what is coming in the future.


The show which has an international flavour with animals and natural landscapes from around the world,  surpasses anything else ever seen locally with its size and scope. A great deal of festive installations were also brought on site so that attendees could enjoy the spirit of the season.


Below, the brilliant Zebra herd is lifelike in size and moves as you pass by as do many of the animal exhibits.


Step back in time!  Dinosaurs are an exciting addition to the lineup on the 1.5 hour illuminated walking trail.


The Seasky show is hopeful for an opening date soon, however, all December ticket holders have been issued full refunds . Show dates of January through February are still possible.


If the show is unable to open before Feb. 28, the team is hopeful that the spring and summer which will bring a new assortment of LED and light displays to the park will be able to open and bring locals and tourist some great entertainment when they need it more than ever.

For more information about the Seasky International Light Show, please visit the website HERE.

Scenes from recent shows:

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What: Seasky International Light Show

Where: 10215 Montrose Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L0S 1K0, located in the Árpád Park Hungarian Hall Grounds

When: To Be Announced




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