A Canadian made vaccine to protect against COVID-19 is to begin human clinical trials today in Toronto.


A Toronto based  biotechnology company called Providence Therapeutics has developed the vaccine. Clinical trials will involve three shots  given to 60 adult volunteers at a clinical trial site in Toronto in the first phase of the trial.  Fifteen of those volunteers will receive a placebo, and 45 will get the vaccine, called PTX-COVID19-B.

The company’s CEO, Brad Sorenson said it’s the first time a vaccine designed and manufactured in Canada has begun clinical trials. The company has also purchased a site in Calgary to mass produce the vaccine.

The vaccine is reportedly similar to the Moderna coronavirus shot being given to people across Canada, an mRNA vaccine — which triggers an immune response in the body.

If the vaccine proves safe and effective in clinical trials and Health Canada approves it, the goal is to have it ready for the global market by January 2022.

Currently, Canada lacks the capacity to manufacture the millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines needed to immunize people outside of a clinical trial setting which necessitated the federal government making deals with Pfizer and Moderna — both manufactured abroad — to get the vaccines being rolled out across Canada.


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