More COVID-19 vaccination appointments have opened up as the age eligibility broadens.


The Ontario government announced the start of Phase Two of the vaccination plan yesterday, allowing people 60 or older to start booking appointments for the shots as of  this morning.

The province also plans to start vaccinating people 50 and older in some hard hit communities (those living within 100 Ontario postal codes deemed as hotspots) in April and May.

In Niagara, 22 pharmacies have access to a limited supply of the shots for people 55 and older.  Please see the list below:

The locations in Niagara include:

Niagara Falls 
Shoppers Drug Mart – 3701 Portage Road, Unit 1
Costco Pharmacy – 7500 Pin Oak Drive
WalMart Pharmacy – 7481 Oakwood Drive
Shoppers Drug Mart – 5125 Montrose Road
Boggio and MacKinnon Pharmacy – 6680 Drummond Road
Rexall – 6485 Lundy’s Lane

Shoppers Drug Mart – Seway Mall (H2-800 Niagara Street north)
Shoppers Drug Mart – 595 South Pelham Road
Loblaw Pharmacy – 821 Niagara Street North
Rexall – 399 King Street

St. Catharines
Shoppers Drug Mart – 1-387 Scott Street
WalMart Pharmacy – 420 Vansickle Road
Loblaw Pharmacy – 221 Glendale Ave

Fort Erie 
Rexall – 310-C Garrison Road
Crescent Park Pharmacy – 5-1264 Garrison Road

Shoppers Drug Mart – 43 St. Andrews Ave, Unit 1

Port Colborne
Boggio Pharmacy Ltd – 200 Catharines St

Simpson’s Pharmacy – 1882 Niagara Stone Road

Boggio & Edwards Ridgeway IDA – 307 Ridge Road N

Rexall – 4486 Ontario Street

RX Drug Mart – 144 Griffin Street

Simpson’s Apothecary – 2-223 King Street


Book Your Appointment online or by phone: Call 1-888-999-6488 or book online here.

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