The Niagara Regional Police are actively seeking new Auxiliary Officers as their recruitment program re-opens after a temporary COVID-19 suspension.


The NRPS Auxiliary Officer Program is a great volunteer opportunity. Many auxiliary officers give their time to serve their community and give back.

The Auxiliary Program has also historically been found to be a means for persons who wish to become a sworn police officer to get real world law enforcement experience.

Successful candidates will receive law enforcement training and will be able to assist the NRPS in uniform at events.

With an authorized auxiliary officer strength of approximately 75 officers the NRPS hopes to recruit approximately 40 new auxiliary officers to commence their local training in 2022.


Auxiliary members provide a very valuable volunteer service to the Niagara Regional Police Service and their Community. Each member receives extensive training relating to the powers and duties of a police officer including Criminal Code and Provincial Offences Legislation, Use of Force, First Aid & CPR, Search & Rescue and Traffic Control.

The Niagara Regional Police Service Auxiliary Unit is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to serving their community. Members of the Auxiliary do not have police powers and must rely on the same laws of arrest given to the public.

In situations where the NRPS need more officers to control a special event, disaster or other emergency situations as deemed by the Chief of Police, auxiliary officers may be given the same arrest authority as police officers.

Application deadline is December 31, 2021.  For more information visit the link HERE.

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