Ontario Premier Doug Ford says there will be no mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy for hospital workers.


Ford pointed to news from elsewhere in Canada about staff shortages from vaccine mandates and said existing policies will keep people safe without losing workers who refuse to get the shots.

“I am not prepared to jeopardize the delivery of care to millions of Ontarians,” Ford said in a written statement on Wednesday. “Having looked at the evidence, our government has decided to maintain its flexible approach by leaving human resourcing decisions up to individual hospitals.”

Ford first got input from hospitals and other stakeholders last month before making the decision.


Currently, hospital workers in Ontario must get vaccinated or regularly get tested for the virus, though many hospitals have gone ahead with stricter policies.

A statement from Ford says high vaccination rates in hospitals and strong infection control measures mean hospitals are safe and can manage outbreaks.

His statement also referenced news of surgery cancellations in British Columbia due to staff shortages after its vaccine mandate took effect and Quebec’s decision to reverse its policy over human resources concerns.

Ford said the government will keep monitoring the situation, but, for now will leave the decision to mandate vaccines up to individual hospitals.

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