The Conservative Party introduced a motion to end all federal vaccine mandates, including the ability for Canadians to travel without proof of vaccination, yesterday in the House of Commons.


The motion was brought forward by Tory MP Michael Barrett  who said that the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates have continued to keep Canada locked down, prevented Canadians from visiting their families, and worsened mental health for residents, noting many provinces across the county have already lifted these public health restrictions.

Michael Barrett O P

“Canadians did everything that was asked of them, even boasting some of the highest vaccination rates in the world—but we can’t live under these restrictions indefinitely,” he said.

Barrett went on to say that the Liberal government, and the NDP (who recently formed an alliance with the Liberals), are not listening to recommendations of medical experts who are now saying the mandates should be lifted and that Canadians are confused about rules when they are allowed to go to packed out sporting events but not allowed to travel freely.

According to the Canadian Government’s website, vaccination rates are high in the country (see below).


The federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos told the House of Commons that vaccination and masks “will continue to be important over the coming weeks,” because the epidemiological situation in Canada is “improving but unstable.”

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