About the Author Beverley Golden

Beverley Golden resides in Toronto and describes herself as having “the heart of a writer and the mind of a marketing person” who loves balancing the right side creative brain, with the left side logical brain. She sees herself as a conversational storyteller and is an accomplished writer who contributes to Huffington Post, Intent Blog and has recently finished her first full length book Confessions of a Middle Aged Hippie. Beverley’s life has also been about learning to trust the power of the inner voice and her persistence to maintain her individuality regardless of the cost. She love’s shifting paradigms; taking impossibilities and turning them into possibilities. Her story is about health and healing; about seeking and sometimes finding, and then seeking some more. As a contributor to niagarabuzz.ca Beverley looks forward to bringing her unique perspective on the world to viewers. www.beverleygolden.com