Niagara Buzz is a Niagara News alternative.

Nice to meet you and welcome to the hive !  

 Social media has condensed the world as we are now able to connect with people on a global scale. Today, communities are not necessarily formed around local interests, nor do physical boundaries or distances restrain them.

However,  global social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook can present a challenge to local interests and topics, unless participating within a hyper local group, often confined to limited interests.

about us global  local buzz was created to bridge this gap while integrating global content with local, overcoming logistical barriers for the Niagara and immediate surrounding area’s 620,000+ social media users.

Unlike most nationally or locally syndicated newspaper related websites, the bulk of our content consists of “info-tainment” rather than mainstream media headline news…  the type of posts most commonly circulated throughout most social media platforms these days. 

More so, our “buzz-worthy” content is bundled into short and sweet, bite-sized portions of text, video and/or photo galleries with responsive accessibility. 

Served with culture, fun, a slice of controversy and a splash of cool, our between the headline news is guaranteed to inspire the senses.

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We have a growing team of over a hundred contributors, most of which maintain direct ties to both the geographic and/or online community.

From established professionals to published writers to folks who just have an opinion, represents many faces that bring their life experiences along with their extended social networks to our platform to share with you.

Together, we are committed to making the Niagara Region a better place to live and work while sharing the POSITIVE stories, interests and news that connect us together.

In summary we are a unique online community that is growing …”at the speed of life” …so enjoy, engage, share. is a wholly owned entity of Low-Cal Media Inc.