Anxiety can stop you in your tracks and hold you back. It’s not easy to face your fears and push through them, but it’s essential.

To take a big risk, you need a helping hand. Get a coach, talk with a friend or mentor, and arm yourself with these inspirational thoughts.

Of course, many people rank “fear of public speaking” or glossophobia, as their number one dread. It’s understandable, but detrimental.

The sensation of stage fright is bad enough, but what’s worse is the damage it can do to your career and your self-esteem. If you let it stop you, your sense of self gets smaller and your stage fright gets bigger and more powerful.

However, when you step into your stage fright, you learn quickly that it’s a phantom-a fog–like most of our fears. When you step into that fog, you soon realize that it is a figment of your imagination–and that your effort to cut through it can easily succeed.

What will you accomplish once you burn off that fog and take some risks? What will it feel like to be free of that fear?

Be inspired by these quotes–wisdom from people who may seem like they’ve always had it all, but who have struggled to succeed.

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