After being laid off from his job at a technology company due to downsizing, Thomas Ruecker of Finland took a different approach than most would when seeking employment elsewhere. 
Possibly after some time of “sitting around” thinking about how he may get his name and capabilities out there, he devised a plan to build a tweeting toilet.


For most us, our first reaction to to a Tweeting toilet is a humorous one, however the object of  Ruecker’s invention is no laughing matter. The device tracks water usage, offers a warning about the future of privacy in the era of the internet and  certainly makes a bold statement about having to be creative while hunting in today’s market.

With an electrical engineering background, Ruecker built the device over a long weekend using household items, electric motor parts, a Linux running open-source hardware board and some coding. 

The end result was a relatively un-social media connected toilet that Tweets with each flush..



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