Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you feel like you are working toward something that is truly meaningful? Or, is there a persistent little feeling inside that makes you believe there is just something “more”? Most people probably feel that at one time or another. If it’s a nagging feeling that keeps rearing its ugly little head, don’t underestimate the power of visioning.

What is a Vision? Dreaming without limitations

A vision is a mental image, a daydream, or the imagination you possess that gives you the power to dream without limitations. It is a catalyst that propels your passion into actionable items.Visions are attached to owners and yours belongs to you.A vision is powerful. A vision is future driven and never about the past. A successful visioning session should leave you feeling purposeful in all aspects of your life.

A vision without clarity will only clutter your goals. Having a clear vision helps you set the right plan into motion for greater success.

The Importance of a Vision

Ask yourself this one question. What if your life and career stayed the exact same over the next five years? How does that make you feel? Is it scary? If it is, that doesn’t have to be your personal reality.

A vision is the most powerful way to keep you focused and motivated. Visions help you remove roadblocks. When you create a vision that makes you feel happier, healthier, more successful, and purpose-driven, you are more likely to set into motion a plan so that your vision becomes reality.

Participating in the Present Leads to Greater Control of the Future

Future achievements are prepared for in the present moment. If you will ever live the way you want in the future; you have to live in the present first. In reality, we only exist in the present – not the past and not the future. We exist now. So we have to make things happen now. There’s no control over the past but there is control over the present and that leads to control of the future.

Vision versus wishes

Living your life without a vision is like walking in the darkness; you’re probably going to stub your toe and it may even hurt a bit. You stumble into obstacles because you do not know where you are going. A vision adds a positive direction to your life and creates your personal legacy. It adds a sense of accomplish to your daily routine as your vision become a reality. However, a vision without goals is only a wish.

How Do You Create a Vision?

Imagine without limitations

Why not? Remember, your vision belongs to you. The first step is to know exactly what you want. Start simply and ask yourself where you want to be in five years. Feel free to vision without limitations and fears.

Feel passion in your vision

Write down specifically how you see yourself, your career, your love life, your family life, etc. in the future. Inspiration and happiness should be the common emotions. As you create your vision, your passion will increase.The more passionate you feel, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Having a successful vision

The only way to be successful in your vision is to continually visualize it and set goals and a plan of action to reach your vision. Have long term and short term goals so that over time, you start to see more parts of your vision coming true. Then one day, you will wake up and find that you are living your vision in real-time.

Be inspired today. Find a quiet setting where you have a few moments alone and start imagining without limitations!

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