Prime Minister Stephen Harper said today that two “despicable attacks” on Canadian soldiers this week will not weaken the country’s determination to fight terrorism at home and abroad.

Earlier this morning a soldier was gunned down at the National War Memorial in Ottawa and dozens of shots were fired inside Parliament. Dead is Cpl. Nathan Cirillo.

The shooter, who was eventually killed is Michael Joseph Zehaf-Bibeau.  Not much is known of him yet other than it appears he ran into trouble with the law in Vancouver three years ago. Three other people were taken to the Ottawa Hospital after the shootings and were all discharged. Lock down on Parliament Hill and downtown Ottawa lasted about 10 hours.

The Parliament Hill incident and this week’s fatal hit-and-run (an Islamic convert hit two Canadian soldiers with his car near Montreal before being shot and killed by police) comes as Canada prepares to join a U.S. led bombing campaign against Islamic State forces in Iraq. The group has publicly called on supporters to kill military personnel and civilians in Canada and other countries.



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