Let’s face it! We are more concerned on what we should put ON our face rather than how we should feed our body to protect that gorgeous outer layer.

It is a privilege to being around such  delicious food and clean water in our country…so let’s be sure to consume all we can to boast a gorgeous glow.

Our skin is subject to change without notice and it will enjoy the renewing process even more with the help of your nutritional packed meals. As the saying goes

“You are what you eat” is 100% truth and it shows almost instantly.

As stressed daily in my practice is the importance of the daily intake of WATER, lots of it. A minimum is set at the required   8 -8oz glasses of water ( add citrus slices for flavour) will hydrate you and your skin. Your internal organs (we can’t see because of our outer shell) get the wrinkles out too and of course work more efficiently.


Together with 3 balanced meals and a few healthy snacks you are on your way to a youthful appearance.

Many skin disorders including dermatitis, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis are surely connected to what we feed our engines. Science is a supporter in this case and confirms time and time again that deficiencies in  vitamins and minerals interfere in the healing process of our skin. With proper balance our “engine” revs up and the repairs happen.

Severe skin disorder do of course require different needs. From my experience with acne suffers their diet needs to be of a meal plan high in leafy greens, legumes and low in fats and animal proteins to balance the process of oil production..whereas sufferers of eczema need to increase the good fats such as Omega’s and foods such as avocados and healthy nuts. If you are suffering from a skin condition and need to change your diet regime we always recommend consulting with a Nutritionist as you can work closely with them on the best plan for you.

Salute to great skin!

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