Good Deeds Canada is an organization that’s locally operated, with the goal to help individuals or families in need achieve some relief through community donations and support and they are always looking for assistance in not only community donations, but in finding those stories that require a helping hand through your nominations.

Good Deeds Canada is a “web series dedicated to the reality of unfortunate personal circumstances and the battle to overcome them”. The right kind of help can change everything. Using generated content, charitable organizations, advertising sponsors and word of mouth, they will provide good deeds to people needing a hand or even a miracle.

The Good Deeds Canada team sets out with the mission to “build a global community of people helping one another by documenting these inspirational stories and sharing them with you on our Web series.”

For the past few years, the Producers of Good Deeds have been helping people with help from sponsors, friends, and industry professionals.

The out-of-pocket expenses are adding up quickly, so now Good Deeds Canada is actively seeking donations that will be used to assist them by paying Post Production & Editing costs that will allow the Good Deeds Canada Team to present their inspirational show, as well as those people and businesses that wish to have an active involvement in participating — whether it be through financial means, a charitable donation, or through your own labour.

If you wish to nominate someone in particular, please visit them online and under “Nominate”, please answer the questions provided. However, they cannot guarantee that a Good Deed will be given to every person who is nominated. Once the nomination is made, they rely on sponsors and community involvement to provide the things that are needed.

For more information visit them online at

Take a look at this video from their very first Good Deed — right here in Niagara Falls. It features  HOCO Entertainment & Resorts (, lending a helping hand through their contributions, as well as other generous companies within this community.

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