The Niagara Regional Police remain dedicated to keeping the roadways on the Niagara Region safe but need the public to be a partners in achieving that goal.

The snow and cold weather bring slippery and often suddenly changing road conditions that drivers must be aware of. Speeds need to be reduced, following distances lengthened and extra distance allowed for stopping.

The heavy snowfall on Thursday night caused sudden very poor road conditions. Officers stopped numerous drivers, particularly those in SUVs and trucks that felt that their 4 wheel drive vehicles allowed them to drive aggressively on the snow covered roads without regard for the slower, more cautious drivers. Police reminded drivers that 4 wheel drive does not mean 4 wheel stopping power.

Multiple drivers were also stopped as they had failed to remove the snow from their windows, mirrors and licence plates. It is an offence under the highway traffic act to not clear snow that is obstructing the view out the windows of the vehicle. It is extremely dangerous as drivers are unable to properly see to negotiate turns or to react to objects, other vehicles, or pedestrians. One driver took over a kilometer to stop as he could not see the lights of the emergency vehicle behind him.

Despite the poor roadways, 5 drivers were also arrested for drinking and driving offences, and 2 others were given 3 days suspensions on Thursday and Friday night.

Winter weather seems to have arrived early this year and the Niagara Regional Police ask the public to help us keep our roads safe by allowing a little more time for each trip, clearing snow off your vehicles, and drinking responsibly to arrive safely at your destinations. A motor vehicle collision is a terrible way to start the holiday season!


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