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Here is the inspirational story of JAMES BISHOP.  James is 31 years old, a proud father of two girls, Anaya and Halo.  They are the loves of his life.  Here is his story.

James’ parents got married as young teens and ended up separating.  He had an Uncle that was murdered.  These events traumatized him deeply.

It was a really tough time after his father had left.  James’ relationship with his mother went bad.  James became self- destructive.  He began hanging out with gangs, bikers and selling drugs.  James began using drugs and carrying weapons.  He was in emotional turmoil; not caring about himself or others.  James feared nothing.  James was numb.

His high school sweetheart left him and took his only daughter.  This pushed James over the edge.  He ended up in and out of jail (3-4 years total) for assaults, robbery and weapons.  While he was in jail, James was able to clear his head and realize what he was doing.  He thought long and hard about what he had done.  He was disgusted and ashamed of himself for what he had become.  Depressing thoughts went through his mind.  He hit rock bottom.

James began reaching out to family and friends on the phone.  Although they were not close at the time, his mom would visit him in jail.  He pushed himself to get better.  James realized that he was the only one that could turn it around.  He set small goals for himself every day.  The list consisted of de-stressing by running, hitting heavy punching bags and wrestling other inmates.  James wanted to be a good person, make his family and friends proud of him and make a better name for himself.  He wanted to change for himself and for his child.  Every day he would stare at the goals he made for himself.  He would think positive thoughts.  At times when it seemed doubtful and he would fall down; he would get back up.  He learned to be resilient.

A couple of years after getting out of jail, James had another blessing, a beautiful daughter named Halo.  A daughter that he is very close with.  He threw himself into working out at the gym all the time.  He took boxing, muay thai, judo and jiu jitsu.  He had a dream of being a professional boxer.


James says, “You have to have goals to chase, without them you will accomplish nothing.  Let me tell you that it was not easy, but if I can make the change, so can you.  Everyone has their own way to de-stress and you have to find what is good for you.  Believe in yourself and in your children.  They are the loves of my life,” he said.


James has accomplished his goals.  He is a personal trainer, professional fighter and a painter.  He is very close to his mom and his kids.  James is an inspiration and role model for others.  We are all proud of you!  God bless you in your continued journey of healing.  Take the first step…………..BELIEVE

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