Holiday Traffic Enforcement has led to two 50 overs and suspended drivers according to police. who say between the hours of 8pm on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 and 3am on Wednesday, December 24th, 2014, three members of the Niagara Regional Police Special Enforcement Unit, issued 10 Part III traffic court summons, 2 Provincial offences notices and a 3 day suspension.

In this 7 hour time frame, two separate incidents had driver’s observed by police travelling at speeds of more than 50km/hr over the speed limit.  The first incident had a driver pass an unmarked police cruiser on Highway 406 near St.Davids road in the City of Thorold at 157km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone.  The second incident had a driver pass a stationary unmarked police cruiser on Glendale avenue near Wembly drive in the City of St.Catharines at a speed of 104 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone.  During this traffic stop, police had determined that the driver had also consumed alcohol.  A roadside breathalyzer test was administered and the driver registered a WARN.  The driver was issued a 3 day suspension.

Both of the driver’s in the above incidents had their vehicle’s impounded for 7 days, their driver’s licence suspended immediately for 7 days and both were issued Part III traffic court summons for Speeding and Stunting respectively. Fees associated to these charges are a $150 re-instatement fee of their licence and an impound storage fee of approximately $800 after the 7 days have elapsed.  Upon conviction, fines range between $2000 to $10 000, a further driver’s licence suspension of up to 2 years and 6 demerit points on the driving record.

Two other driver’s during this short time frame were stopped in the South end of St.Catharines.  Investigation revealed that both were driving while under suspension.  They were each issued multiple PART III summons for Driving while under suspension along with other infractions.  Upon conviction of Driving while under suspension, fines are minimum $1000 on first offence and a further 6 month driver’s licence suspension. Each of the above driver’s will answer to their charges in early February at the St.Catharines traffic court house located at 71 King Street.

Niagara Regional Police Service would like to remind motorists during this busy holiday season to be extra vigilant and responsible while driving to ensure a safe arrival and continual traffic enforcement along with RIDE checks are scheduled for the remainder of the holidays.

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