The Ministry of Labour has issued 11 compliance orders against  White Meadows Farms located at 2519 Effington Street in Pelham after  a workplace fatality on Thursday .

Police say in the accident a 36-year-old man (whose identity is not being released at the request of his family), was hit by a moving concrete block that fell off of a truck.

The incident occurred at the end of a lane-way between 262 and 254 Roland Rd.

Ministry spokesman William  Lin said The Ministry of Labour  is seeking to  resolve on-site safety concerns with the orders including protecting workers when moving blocks in the future, making sure the Occupational Health and Safety Act is posted clearly, preparing a health and safety policy and giving training to workers.


White Meadows Farms issued a statement that reflected their strong ties with their employees and thanked everyone for their love and support during this tragic time.

The family farm which is recognized for its pancakes and maple syrup,  also said they are giving their full cooperation to the investigation as it continues.


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