We all have to eat, but did you know there are ways that you can save a buck without compromising on the things you love to munch on?  It’s true.  Let’s check some of these moneysavers out!

Slice it yourself!

Who doesn’t love those pre-diced, sliced and packaged food items like meats or cheeses or even fruits that are ready to go and quickly place into that sandwich or salad?  The thing is….it’s a service that you pay for…it’s called convenience!  A cut and peeled pineapple costs about $4.99, whereas the uncut one can be bought for just about $2.99.

Time is money folks, but let’s face it…the pineapple tastes awesome either way!

Grow your own Herbs

Herbs make food taste great.  Especially when they are fresh, but did you ever think of just growing them yourself?  Not only will you save money, but they look good in the windowsill and to top it off you can say goodbye to waste because you just pick them as you need them!


Buy Larger Quantities

So most of us know that buying in bulk is cheaper, but often we think of that in a HUGE scale. Like 300 rolls of toilet paper or a 50 pack of razors, but did you know that even purchasing small scale bulk can save tons of cash?

Look at potatoes.  By buying a bag of them versus buying individual ones, did you know you could save about 36%?  It’s true and for foods like this, there is so much versatility they will not go to waste, so why not? 

The Discount Section

From veggies to meats that are almost past their prime but still perfectly fine, you can save some cash if you pick up foods to eat for tonight!  Rather than let the foods go to waste, grocers will discount them in the hopes of selling at a discount and that means a great meal for you at a discounted price.

Other discount areas of the grocers can include items with damaged packaging or out of season product (think of those surplus boxes of chocolate from Christmas).

Often right before closing time can also mean savings on pre-cooked items or various other products. white-chocolate-525548_640


Get Spontaneous!

Rather than buy groceries to suit a list, why not plan your meals around what is on sale at the grocers?  Every week scan flyers and you will see tons of deals from canned products to fresh produce.

APPS can also assist with sales and coupon finding like Checkout51. You can take pictures of printed coupons and flash them at the store. 

Sign up for subscriptions

Subscribe to newsletters at various stores to be the first to know when certain items go on sale.  Also check out websites. Save.ca is a great website example of where you can go to find coupons and print them out.  The variety is large and ever changing and all you have to loose is 5 minutes of your time on a weekly basis to check it out.

Know What You Want and Where It Is

Did you know there are actually scientific studies that show that the less wandering around a shopper does, the less they will spend?  Get focused and then get out of there!  Spontaneous purchases are common when there is not plan and that means spending extra!

Look Low and High

Companies pay for key placement on shelves….your eye line! That is why the better deals are often BELOW, but that of course means you need to bend down and check it out.  Savvy shoppers must avoid being lazy and make that extra effort.  It WILL pay off!

Stock Up on Sales

Did you know that sales typically run through cycles on an eight to twelve week rotation? So do the math and when one of your favorite items goes on sale, stock up for about a 10 week rotation and voila! You have mastered the sales cycle.


Brand Name versus No-Name

OK, this is a point of contention in our home about some products because there IS a difference in taste sometimes (think Ketchup!).  However, MANY no-name brands are equal in quality to their name brand counterpart, so if you’re not a brand snob why wouldn’t you save some cash

What do you think….any cost saving tips of your own to add?  Comments Welcome!

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