On February 3, 2015 Niagara Regional Police Service received information from the United States Marshall Service in regards to a male parolee currently wanted in the United States.

This male was wanted for a Parole violation (Idaho) after serving three life sentences for child sex offences including Sexual Assault, Lewd and Lascivious Conduct and Lewdness with a Minor.

He was deemed to be a high risk to re-offend.

Police say, on February 4, 2015 members of the Central West ROPE (Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement) Squad along with the assistance of the NRPS Offender Management Unit located and arrested the male at a local motel in Port Colborne.

70 year old William Louis Muraco was arrested.  He is being held pending a Bail Hearing at 10 am on Thursday February 5, 2015 at the Robert S.K. Welch Courthouse 59 Church Street, St Catharines.

The United States Marshall Service has been notified and are preparing an extradition order for Muraco.

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