Even economists were surprised at how well Canadians fared in the job market over the month of March!  There were 28,700 new jobs added, however Statistics Canada reported that most of the job gains were in fact part-time work and that still left the jobless rate unchanged at 6.8 per cent.

How did full time jobs look on the books? Canada’s economy actually  lost 28,000 full-time jobs during the month, but that was offset by an increase in 57,000 part-time positions.

Given slumping oil prices, which have compelled several energy companies to lay off people, and the recent failures of a number of large retailers , the addition of almost 29,000 new jobs was a surprise for some.

Most of the gains were concentrated in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. All other provinces saw little change in the jobs picture, except P.E.I. and Nova Scotia, which lost jobs

Alberta added almost 20,000 part-time jobs, but that figure was offset by a loss of 18,400 full-time jobs during the month.

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SOURCE: Statistics Canada


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