In April 2015 members of the Guns, Gangs and Grow Unit commenced an investigation into a Niagara Falls residence where a active marijuana grow operation was believed to be. Police executed a search warrant on April 16th, 2015 at the Niagara Falls residence with the assistance of the Provincial Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy unit.

Inside the residence, police located 149 marijuana plants with an estimated value of $149, 000.00, and a large sum of Canadian currency.

As a result police say a Niagara Falls resident, Son Luu, has been arrested and charged with three counts, including; Production of a Controlled, Section 7(1) C.D.S.A., Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, Section 5(2) C.D.S.A, and Theft of Telecommunication Service (Hydro), Section 326(1)(a) C.C.

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