Niagara Falls was chosen as the host of the Canadian portion of a global race sponsored by Red Bull that raises money for spinal injury, called the Wings for Life World Run. The best part? 100% of the entry fee proceeds go to Spinal Cord Research. The inaugural Wings for Life event last year raised $4.1 million for research, with the Canadian event held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Wings for Life World Run chose Niagara Falls as the host because “Niagara Falls is an international tourist destination and one of the top entertainment destinations in the region boasting vibrant nightlife, shopping and restaurants. Beyond the falls, the Niagara region boasts some of Canada’s most renowned vineyards that stretch for miles along the shores of Lake Ontario. The truly scenic beauty of the region and level terrain make Niagara a runner’s paradise. With close proximity to Canada’s largest city Toronto and also bordering the United States, runners can be expected from far and wide for a chance to run with the world”. –


35 cities in different countries from across the world will simultaneously begin this race at 7:00 am EST time. There is no official finish line, because this race is very unique.

Sponsored by Red Bull, the goal is to try to stay ahead of “catcher cars” equipped with GPS. There is no set race distance, as the finish for all participants will be reached when each participant is overtaken by the catcher car that will be on course at each event location. At 7:30 am EST, the catcher car will cross the start line and drive the race track. Each catcher car in every event location will start at the same time and maintain the exact same pace. Over time, each catcher car in every event location will increase pace simultaneously until the final participant is passed and a global winner is declared. The overall winners of all races worldwide will be the final female and final male participant who covers the greatest distance before being passed by the car. The winners will receive a Wings for Life World Run trophy and a round-the-world trip! Once you are passed, your race is over and you will be courteously shuttled back to the start line where you may celebrate with the others.

The catcher cars will begin at a pace of 15 km/hour, slowly increasing until they reach 35 km/hour and the last participant is passed.

The Niagara Falls Course

The Wings for Life World Run in Niagara Falls starts at Kingsbridge Park. The route then heads north on the Niagara Parkway along the picturesque Niagara River for 4 kilometers. At the intersection of Murray St. and Niagara Parkway, participants will then head south along Niagara Parkway, passing the majestic Niagara Falls twice. Participants will continue along Niagara Parkway for 17 kilometers, then head west into the town of Fort Erie. The track then follows a series of rural country roads, looping through 3 different districts including Niagara Falls, Welland, and Thorold. The run ends at the 100 kilometer mark just north of historic Lundy’s Lane. Refreshment stations and bus stops will be located every 5 kilometers along the route, where participants who have been passed by the catcher car will be shuttled back to the start gate at Kingsbridge Park.

About Wings for Life

Wings for Life is an international not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation with the mission to find a cure for spinal cord injury. They fund world-class scientific research and clinical trials around the globe aimed at healing the injured spinal cord.

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