On Saturday, May 16, 2015 the Niagara Regional Police Service conducted RIDE checkpoints in the areas of Sherkston and Welland. The goal of RIDE is to combat impaired driving through both the arresting of offenders, and awareness and education of the public. Officers received numerous compliments from members of the public thanking them for keeping the roadways of Niagara Safe.

Throughout the evening officers checked approximately 200 vehicles at 3 different locations.  Of those drivers checked 16 were required to provide breath samples into roadside screening device and 15 of those drivers were under the legal limit. One driver was issued a suspension for being a novice driver with a blood alcohol level above zero.  A separate driver was found in possession of marihuana.

While set up in Welland a female driver made a U-turn in an attempt to avoid the RIDE check point. She was subsequently stopped and found to be impaired. She was charged with impaired driving and Over 80mg.
Officers also issued 14 Provincial Offence Notices for offences ranging from Driving while under suspension to document infractions.

The Niagara Regional Police Service remains committed to the safety of the roadways of Niagara. With warmer weather finally arriving people are asked to please plan ahead when engaging in social activities involving alcohol. RIDE will continue throughout the summer and police will exercise zero tolerance for drinking and driving.

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