The Niagara Regional Police Service would like to remind everyone who receives unsolicited calls from Government Agencies or Financial Institutions to be vigilant of potential scams.

Police say that recently,  residents have been contacted by phone from a male who identifies himself as an employee of Canada Revenue.  The caller advises the victim that there is an outstanding debt owing to Canada Revenue.  The caller threatens that the RCMP or local police service will come and arrest them on a warrant for the unpaid amounts if not paid immediately.  The victims are instructed to attend a store and purchase prepaid credit cards then call a number provided by the suspect so they can record the credit card number to pay the outstanding debt.

Canada Revenue or any Government Agency will not ask for payment with gift cards or payment using a money transfer service.

There have been similar scams which were conducted via email.  Samples of fraudlent emails can be located on the Canada Revenue website.

Please remember to be vigilant with unsolicited calls.  If you are suspicious take steps to verify the information and contact the Nigara Regional Police to report any suspected scams.  Another reliable source is the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website which is run by the RCMP.

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