So Pizza Hut has just announced that it will be introducing a new version of pizza that has long existed in the Asian markets and will soon become available in the U.S.

It LOOKS like a pizza….at least in the centre.  But then the difference…the outside is framed with 28 cocktail wieners and is served with au jus, the jus in this case being a BIG squirt of French’s mustard!

Yum or huh?  Check out a little bit more about the Hot Dog Bites Pizza here!

It has received mixed reactions to date ranging from “is this the latest early grave food choice that tastes delicious? ” to “what a relief I no longer have to choose between pizza and hot dogs anymore!”

Also part of the conversation is the question….does this dish even count as pizza anymore or have we created a new food category altogether?

It is up in the air as to whether this new creation will make it to Canada at this point.   What do you think? Hot or Not?

SOURCE: What’s Trending, YouTube, Pizza Hut

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