The warm weather has a lot of us thinking about shopping again.  The good news is that lots of stuff that is in fashion this season may already be in your closet, so don’t be overwhelmed .

ALSO REMEMBER…trends are just that.  The best rule of thumb is wear what looks good on you. That said…let’s look at some of the hot picks for the season:


1.  Denim
Denim will be everywhere this year.  This could be in the form of jeans, obviously, or denim jackets.  However, it was also seen in dresses and skirts.  Denim on denim is another way that you will see this trend be worn.

2. Large Floral Prints
Large floral prints are a beautiful way to incorporate the budding flowers into your wardrobe.  Designers used the large floral fabrics in all areas of clothing: shirts, jackets, dresses and skirts.
3. Suede
Suede was an unexpected trend that has come our way.  Suede is a typical fall fabric, however, it is already here with suede jackets, dresses and skirts.blouse-480218_640
4. Military / Army Green
Military jackets, camouflage prints and army green fabrics will be a big seen in stores everywhere.  A nice combo is a military jacket, crisp white t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and ballet flats.military-662862_640
5. 70’s vibe 
The 70’s are back, in fashion that is.  Bell bottom jeans (although skinnier or “baby” is in style more than the highly flared style), leather trench coats and flowy, bohemian dresses are all on trend for 2015 clothing.disco-297670_640
6. Gingham
Gingham was everywhere during the Spring 2015 fashion shows.  Gingham isn’t for everyone, but a gingham shirt or pair of shorts would be an easy way to stay on trend without overdoing it. gingham-552990_6407. Fringe 
Fringe definitely is on trend, and goes with the 70’s vibe.   Fringe tops and dresses would be great additions to your wardrobe.8. Leather
Leather tops, leather pants, leather jackets, leather dresses and leather skirts … leather is definitely one of the most seen trends for right now…..


9. Black & White Stripes
Graphic black and white stripes will be a popular look in stores this upcoming season. This can be done worn in tops and dresses.  Although stripes are scary to some, they can be a look that is something you should at least try.

10. Cold Shoulder
The last trend that will be seen in fashion for Spring 2015 is the cold or exposed shoulder.  Tops can be flowy or tight with cutouts to expose the shoulders.  Another option would be an asymmetrical/draped hem that exposes only one shoulder.

Good luck and happy shopping!


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