There have always been daredevils and stuntmen drawing crowds to the Niagara Falls area such as Nik Wallenda, and the late Jay Cochrane, who would walk a wire between the Hilton Hotel and the Skylon Tower, but those events while bringing in the masses, never lapsed over an entire Summer like the 2nd year of the Niagara Summer of Thrills will do!

From July 2nd until September 7th, 2015, the whole family is welcome to attend these FREE shows daily (excluding Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s) throughout the Summer.

Niagara Summer of Thrills 

For only the 2nd year running, it’s the Niagara Summer of Thrills shows! All of these acts will be located at the top of Clifton Hill on Victoria Avenue.

Thursday, July 2nd – Monday, September 7th, 2015 (with the exception of Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s)

Experience more events than the year previous with 9 Variety Acts and 4 Thrill Shows Daily!

Variety Acts

These are a wide range of versatile, professional performing artists who provide engaging, memorable entertainment. These acts will feature magic, unicycling, chain saw juggling, clowns, rola bola, escape acts, rope walking, etc.


Thrill Acts

Sky Scraping Sway Pole Act: Duo

Take in the unwavering courage of daredevil athletes atop 2 flexible slender poles. Aerial acrobatics, a jaw-dropping midair exchange, and a death-defying descent! This towers 70 feet tall above Victoria Ave!

Acrobatic Motorcycle High Wire: Duo


Witness a motorcycle balancing atop a thin steel cable with a trapeze aerialist beneath it. The motorcyclist completes several death-defying stunts, including free-standing on top of the motorcycle, as the aerialist performs various acrobatic stunts from the trapeze. They will then flip the bike and trapeze numerous revolutions around the cable.

This event is showcased at the Days Inn (5943 Victoria Av.), beginning at 30 feet high to approximately 100 feet high. The span is 330 feet long.

Wheel of Fate: Duo

This features an acrobatic daredevil on one end of a giant pendulum, while his beautiful partner counterbalances on the opposite end in an awesome display of balance and impeccable timing. They will build momentum while walking, running & jumping inside and outside of this revolving apparatus!

This event is showcased on the roof of the Imperial Hotel (5851 Victoria Av.)



BOTTOM LINE: Great family entertainment in your own back yard. Why not make it a date?

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