Police say on Thursday, July 2, 2015, members of the Niagara Regional Police Services Special Enforcement Unit, conducted stop sign enforcement in the city of Niagara Falls.


Several residents of a “traffic-calmed neighbourhood” complained about repeated violations of a stop sign occurring in the area of Ann St. and Sharon Ave.


A total of 28 provincial offence notices were issued, 13 of them for disobeying stop signs.

The NRP would like to remind drivers to obey all rules of the road especially in traffic-controlled neighbourhoods.  Many areas within the city have been given this designation, whether it be a residential neighbourhood or areas where schools and parks are nearby.

Should any residents have a traffic related concern, please feel free to contact the traffic unit at 905-688-4111 ext 5555 or on our website at www.NiagaraPolice.ca to submit a traffic complaint.

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