Well it looks like weed is available pretty much everywhere these days with the discovery of a healthy and stinky plant plunked right in the middle of a traffic circle in Vancouver!


A centrally located residential area at Ontario Street and 20th was the site where the plant was found growing amongst other shrubbery  and flowering plants, undetected for some time.


It appears to be healthy and its aroma was noticeable as attested to by one of the neighbours in the area, Eric Lamond who said that he loved this piece of nature and “everyone should just enjoy it”.  He attributed its presence to someone probably tossing seeds randomly into the area and noted that he’s noticed other marijuana plants growing in similar traffic circles in the area.


It was just last week that, RCMP in Swift Current, Sask. responded to calls about marijuana plants discovered in a city planter. The result?  They were destroyed.

There was no immediate word from officials on what might become of the Vancouver plant, but, I think we can sort it out…


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