There’s always a story to be told, a lesson to learned, and wisdom to be shared. However, not all people are comfortable divulging details or boasting about their life or their accomplishments.

Often times, people don’t realize they have a story that others really do want to hear. If we want to absorb the lessons we can learn from others, the responsibility falls to us.

We need to engage others in conversation.


If we don’t, we miss the opportunity to broaden our horizons by expanding our perspective. I learned this lesson several years ago. My educational mentor was one of the most brilliant intellectuals that I have ever known. It would be a stretch to say that I always understood his abstract notions and concepts or even agreed with the ideals he espoused, but he did have one very powerful and simple message.

Everyone has a story.

Dangerous Assumptions

I am an avid people watcher. They fascinate me. I wonder who they are, where they live, what they do, and what makes them tick. But when I do this, I sometimes start to do something dangerous. I make assumptions.

Assumptions are perilous because they only allow for a personal, often very narrow view of the world.

They don’t allow for unlimited possibilities. We take things for face value and never venture to what lies beneath.

And, dare I say it? We judge.

We judge others based on the clothes worn, the car that is driven, or even where they hang out. We often take things for what we see on the surface without going deeper.


The world is vast and the sheer path that individuals take in their life journey can teach us much – but we have to ask and we have to listen. Sometimes the shy, introverted person you meet has the most amazing life story.

Some paths are filled with privilege and some paths are filled with struggles but each path tells a unique story.

Even though my natural inclination is to observe, I am also working to move from my comfort zone and take the lead on conversations. I’ve been collecting the stories that have been told to me and I’m definitely a better – and wiser – person for asking. I appreciate all of the golden nuggets that have been passed to me.

Once in a Blue Moon

There’s was a full moon Friday that was unlike anything we’ve seen since 2012 and won’t see again until early 2018 — it’s called a blue moon.

Despite the name, the color of the moon didn’t turn blue. This full moon is special because it’s the second one to occur in the month — that’s what a “blue moon” is. The first full moon happened on July 2nd.


We’ve always heard the term ‘once in a blue moon’ and use it to designate something that is rare. So on this recent blue moon, I challenge everyone to get to the heart of what matters – People. I challenge everyone to engage in a conversation with someone you with whom you would not normally engage.

Everyone has a story. We just have to ask them what it is.

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